Data Science Practice

CEOs, Marketing Executives, Product Managers, Chief Information Officers all know that sales, operations, logistics, advertising can be improved by better understanding of markets, customers, internal processes.

This understanding is driven by

  •  Data
  • Timely and Insightful Analytics
  •  Knowing what moves the needle, and why

Good companies invest heavily in analyst teams, data warehouse technologies, dashboards and KPIs.

The best companies understand they need to take a more scientific approach to characterizing, structuring, and employing the myriad data assets all companies have available to them.

It’s difficult to bootstrap this endeavor while not neglecting the day-to-day management and processing of these data assets. Data View’s Data Science Service bootstraps your Data Science Initiative providing:

1      Data cataloging and merging infrastructure

A practical and flexible approach to:

  • Data Refinery—Relational, Graph, Data Reservoir
  • Data Wrangling/Data Blending tools
  • GEO-coding

2 Analysis, KPI measurement, and Visualization

Provide an extensible approach, tailored to your business, for:

  • Measures/Metrics/KPIs
  • Appropriate Statistical Algorithms
  • Simple to Complex Visualization continuum

3 Technologies

Match appropriate technologies to differing requirements for:

  • Reports/Spreadsheets
  • Interactive Dashboards/Mobile-enabled
  • Cloud-based/On Premises