Data Profiling and Analytics Service


You’re about to embark on a project:

  •   Migrating data from a legacy system to new structures for competitive advantage
  •     Integrating data from disparate systems for a better enterprise view
  •  Build new applications to respond to the market in a more agile manner
  •  Implement data quality initiatives in support of Business Intelligence and Analysis

All of these initiatives presuppose an understanding of a company’s data; a comprehensive profile of existing data.

Data View provides a complete package of data profiling and analytics services to characterize your data and directly impact your project’s success.

1      Data Characterization:

  •   Value distribution
  •   NULL percentage ratio
  •   Column statistics
  •   Data coverage
  • And more…

2      Data interdependence

  •  Column interdependences—whether formal (foreign key) or not
  •         Data correlation

3      With access to source code Data View can provide

  •   Dependency map
  • Reader/Writer/Data map

The service provides clients with a full report covering describing the data and data structures that have been targeted with interactive visualizations of the findings. The findings are broken out by:

  •  Transactional data
  •  Reference data
  • Master data

These three types of data differ in how widespread their impact can be.

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