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Data Validation

​When might you need Data Validation?

  • New data from new sources to support smart applications/initiatives

  • Migrating data from legacy systems to new structures for competitive advantage

  • Integrating data from disparate systems for a better enterprise view

  • New applications to respond to the market in a more agile manner


How can you know the new data, the new data structures, are valid? That they represent what was in the prior structures, or new data have been captured correctly and match their source.


Data View provides a complete package of data validation services to determine the accuracy level of your data capture and transformation, and to highlight where issues must be addressed for project success.


Leverage Data Profiling

  • Source and Target data pattern analysis

  • Record counts, transform analysis

  • Value distribution analysis


Validation of Actual Values

  • Comparison of sampled value sets

  • Critical data element validation

  • Exhaustive validation of data values


Automation and Reporting

  • Data Health Check report

  • Automated difference set capture

  • Validation results dashboard and alerts

  • Documented approaches for data re-synchronization

The service provides clients with tools and approaches needed to move forward with data initiatives in the knowledge that their data infrastructure is ready to support their projects..

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